Everest Elite

  • Slim and sleek with high gloss finish, chrome effects, and recessed faucets
  • Maintenance friendly, removable reservoir and faucet assembly
  • Removable reservoir / faucet assembly
  • DryGuard™ – patented no spill system
  • Integrated spring loaded cup dispenser (9 oz flat bottom)
  • Ergonomic faucet height
  • Available in Hot/Cold and Room Temperature/Cold
  • Optional: Convert to Point of Use – Assembly kit sold separately


Inspired by the award winning Everest model, Crystal Mountain introduces the stunning Everest Elite. Innovative design features include; removable side panels, the DryGuard™ no spill system and raised faucet handles. Its sleek design and upscale look is perfect for either home or office environments. Crystal Mountain proves that anything is possible when there is a drive to reach new heights!


Power rating Single phase
220-240VAC 50Hz
Standard current 220-240VAC Hot & Cold: 2.5~2.8A
Cold 80W
Hot 450W
Cold Compressor Single phase motor
Refrigerant R134a
Temp range 4-10°C (39.2-50°F)
Temp control Thermostat (ON 12°C±1.5°C,OFF 2°C±1.5°C)
Capacity 2.4L (0.6gal)
Hot Heater Band heater
Temp range 74-92°C (165.2-197.6°F)
Safety device Bimetal (Manual reset: 95°C OFF)
Temp control Bimetal (83°C)(181.4°F)
Capacity (External Heater) 1.1L (0.3 gal)
Refrigerant charge 25g (0.9 oz)
Noise (sound power level) 44dB(A)
Product weight Hot & Cold: 12.4kg (27.3 lb)
Product boxed weight Hot & Cold: 13.7kg (30.1 lb)
Product dimensions 358.5(W) X 342(D) X 1053(H)mm
14.1"(W) X 13.5 "(D) X41.4"(H)
Product boxed dimensions 330(W) X 330(D) X 1070(H)mm
13.0"(W) X 13.0 "(D) X 42.1"(H)
Loading quantity 20' Container: 238Units
40' Container: 504Units
IEC protection class Class 1

Cup dispenser version

Product weight Hot & Cold: 12.7kg (28.0 lb)
Product boxed weight Hot & Cold: 14.1kg (31.0 lb)
Product dimensions 358.5(W) X348(D) X1053(H)mm
14.1"(W) X 13.7"(D) X 41.4"(H)


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