Undersink Water Cooler

  • #304 stainless steel cold water reservoir
  • Copper evaporator
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Powder coated cold rolled steel casing
  • Sink mounted faucet not included
  • Pressure reducing valve and shock arrestor to protect the system from water hammering


The Iceberg under sink water dispenser is available as a Cold only chiller. Created especially to accommodate small spaces conventional dispensers are too large for. Measuring only 12" x 16" x 12", the Iceberg's compact design will easily fit under most sinks. An impressive output capacity of 3 gallons per hour, the compressor driven chiller provides exceptional cooling performance. Simply connect the Iceberg to a countertop mounted faucet for cold water on demand.


Power rating Single phase
220-240VAC 50Hz
Standard current Cold: 0.8A
Cold 75W
Cold Compressor Single phase motor
Refrigerant R134a
Temp range 4-10°C (39.2-50°F)
Capacity 1.95L (0.5 gal)
Refrigerant charge 35.0g (1.2 oz)
The maximun inlet water pressure 80 PSI (0.552Mpa)
The minimun inlet water pressure 20 PSI (0.138Mpa)
Product weight 12.5kg (27.6 lb)
Product boxed weight 13.6kg (30.1 lb)
Product dimensions 410(W) X 300(D) X 300(H)mm
16.5"(W) X 12"(D) X 12"(H)
Product boxed dimensions 430(W) X 330(D) X 340(H)mm
16.9"(W) X 13.0"(D) X 13.5"(H)
Loading quantity 20' Container: 637 Units
40' Container: 1323 Units
IEC protection class Class 1
Certifications CB


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