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Storm POU Assembly

The Storm POU system is easy to assemble and quickly converts the Storm bottle water cooler into a Storm Point of Use cooler. An air filter is incorporated into the top of the lid to protect the integrity of the water from airborne contaminants. This POU assembly uses a primary float with a secondary backup.



  • Easily and quickly retrofitted to Storm bottle cooler
  • Water tank with 1.67 us gal (6.3 L) capacity
  • Dual float mechanism
  • 5 micron air filter to protect water from contaminants
  • Sturdy bracket on which filters can be easily fitted

Optional Component

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Pump Kit.
This kit includes a high pressure rotary pump, a power adaptor, a low pressure switch (feed water line), a high pressure switch (pure water line) and mounting bracket. With the advantage that no extra storage space is required.


  • Storm Point of Use Assembly Brochure          →  Download

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